The Elite Organizational Award is to show excellence achieved by organizations that, committed to continuous improvement and want to innovate. The awarded organization, that has decided to continuous quality learning, is a mark for the benefit of the environment where it operates.

This is the nature of the Elite Award: to evaluate progress, achievement, improve productivity and solutions proposed by organization and business leaders who have reached a level of success which before had seemed unreachable.

Behind each Elite award is an experienced team dedicated to developing and spreading the stories of success of awarded leaders and organizations. Upon receiving the Elite Award, support is provided by three organizations: Elite Group One, whose mission is education in Quality Culture, Business Initiative Directions, leading the organization of international events and conventions, and Impress, the communication agency and main media sponsor of Elite Awards.
Consequently, receiving an Elite Award means receiving the support of a team of professionals, specialized in the communication, promotion and education of effectiveness Culture.
Behind each award winner there is also a commitment to continuous improvement and excellence. This commitment to effectiveness Culture is the force behind companies, organizations and leaders who are recognized for a continuous search for excellence. To receive Award is to become part of a team of companies, institutions, organizations and outstanding visionary business class.

Elite Award

The relentless pursuit of excellence
The Elite Commitment Convention Award recognizes and promotes companies, organizations and institutions that understand the dedication, continuous improvement, innovation and relentless pursuit of productivity that leads to excellence.
This combination of values, represented as a whole in the word COMMITMENT, allows organizations to achieve a leadership role, and become examples of efficiency, productivity and above all, Quality.

The Elite Award is bestowed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Excellence in Leadership and Management
  • Quality and Productivity
  • Business prestige and Brands
  • Technology, Innovation and Growth

How is selection made for Elite Award and under what criteria?
During the selection process for new award proposals, information about future Elite award winners is gathered from a wide variety of public sources, including data regarding organizational performance and productivity. Professionals from different fields analyze data throughout the entire process. The most decisive are on the following criteria:
•    Customer Satisfaction
•    Communication Strategy
•    Benchmarking
•    Information and analysis
•    Leadership
•    Planning and Decision-making
•    Human Resources
•    Continuous Training
•    Processes and Production
•    Economic Results
•    Business outcome
•    ISO
•    TQM

Elite Awards: A gathering opportunity for business and organizational leaders
Presidents, directors and organizational leaders share different perspectives about how professional actions are performed in different sectors. This event allows an exchange of ideas and a prolific discussion related to effective managerial practices.
It is precisely in this scenario that the Elite award winners represent the role of being a driving force in the business and in public and private institutions, creating opportunities in different regions and fields, pushing the boundaries of excellence forward and reaching new heights in the continuous race for achievement.
Elite carries out a selection process among companies and organizations highlighted for their manifest interest in Excellence. These companies and organizations are invited to participate in the annual editions of the Excellence and Leadership Recognition Program.
This selection process is carried out by the Elite Technical Panel which relies on public sources and different techniques for the analysis of freely accessible public information, in which companies and organizations have completed the Elite Quality and Leadership Recognition Program, and who have therefore been trained in Excellence Culture, cast a vote nominating other companies or organizations that they consider to be operating under high-quality standards, that work in compliance with the fundamental principles of Excellence Culture, that operate in challenging markets, or that have developed innovative business models. The criteria for casting votes are those expressed in EO100 Model.
The BID’s Technical Panel evaluates each of the candidacies and reaches a final conclusion about them.
A third way to participate in the BID Quality and Leadership Recognition Program is through voluntary nomination. In this scenario, companies and organizations that wish to participate in the Elite Award directly and request to be evaluated. They will then be required to provide information and data by filling out forms for this purpose.
Once all the candidacies derived from all the available selection systems have been evaluated, the Technical Panel determines the final nominees and offers the chosen companies and organizations the opportunity to participate, as well as the terms and conditions of the Elite Recognition Program.