Elite Personal Award

The Elite Personal Awards are awards celebrating outstanding Personal achievements each year. An international group of experts choose the winners that are presented the awards at a regional or world congress. Winning an individual provides you or your organization national or international recognition of your efforts.

The Individual Awards celebrate excellence in the following categories:

  • Young Project Manager of the Year
  • Project Manager of the Year
  • Agile Leader of the Year

If you want to learn more about the Individual Awards categories, visit this page.

Benefits of competing in the Elite Personal Awards
are considerable for all applicants, including:


  • Acknowledgement of excellence by their own organization through their support of the application
  • Recognition and reward at national, regional and international levels
  • The opportunity to have yourself or your project reviewed by a panel of highly experienced impartial international project managers
  • Benchmarking of your project management competences and innovation against your peers who have completed similar projects
  • National winners are provided with a unique opportunity to attend the international awards celebrations each year and network with other applicants from across the globe
  • Local, national, regional and global publicity of project management excellence by the team members, project manager and their sponsoring organization
  • Recognition – a win or nomination can have great impact on the growth of a brand and help it gain further recognition in its field.
  • Credibility – for example, if someone has embraced innovation as their number one priority, then an innovation award can give considerable weight to such claims.
  • Public relations – the acknowledgement that comes with awards is top PR, especially if the awards are aligned with a good cause.
  • Increased profits – award winners enjoy bigger sales growth compared to their competitors.
  • Teambuilding  –  winning or even participating in an awards competition boosts team morale that resonates in the workplace.